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Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch

Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch

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Dimension: Approx. 9.2" L x 9.2"H
Adjustable strap: Approx 35 inches long
Good for 2-3 adult sugar glider

◼ Our bonding pouches are made of love and care to ensure your pet's safety. Free of any loose thread. I use the tightest and smallest stitches so that your little toes don't get caught up in the thread. Hidden seams. No frays. Has an adjustable strap.

◼ Window Mesh Screen - I use pet safe mesh screen for better ventilation to keep your glider comfortable and safe. Allowing easy observation by the owner while still providing a dark area where the sugar glider can sleep without being exposed to direct sunlight.

◼ Materials - All bonding pouch are made of fleece/fleece, flannel/fleece, velboa/fleece, and cotton/fleece. I use fleece because it does not absorb urine and it has the capability to reduce bad smells and odor. Most people are satisfied in using this material as the topmost layer of the bedding because of its functional polyester component. Fleece has the lower risk and danger rates for animals. It is very safe because it has a smooth texture and breathable.

Sugar gliders are great escape artist! Never leave your gliders unattended when they are in their bonding pouch.

◼ All items are handmade by me personally. Each item is made with love and care for your pet's safety. I spend a lot of time to ensure that each item is safe before shipping it to you. Please double check each item beforehand. All items should be checked before and after each use.
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