About Us

Pinoy Pet Cuddle Cup is dedicated to bring the best and quality products for your furry friends. We are a family owned online business located in  Manila, Philippines. I started selling online way back year 2010. A hobby that turned into a full time business. I started making beds for my small furry friends; guinea pigs and sugar gliders.


Many years have passed, I acquired two cute peruvian guinea pigs and I was wondering if I can still sew just to make beds for them. I decided to make a cuddle cup for them using an old sewing machine of my aunt. Fortunately, the first cuddle cup I made turned out pretty nice.

Since I have many friends who are also a guinea pig and sugar glider enthusiasts, I decided to sell my handmade items online in June 2009. I was in college when I started selling online, so after school I make orders at night and ship all completed orders early in the morning. The profit of PPCC help me in my daily school expenses and share it to my mother for our daily living expenses.

By the time I graduated college in April 2012, I really had a hard time looking for a job, so I decided to concentrate on my business. From 2009 until now, I am blessed that my business has grown steadily over the past years. Pinoy Pet Cuddle Cup is the first and trusted online shop of handmade products for small animals here in the Philippines.
Feel free to visit my shop. I'm happy to assist in you.

Why Buy From Us?

We realize that you have many choices when shopping online for sugar glider accessories and pet supplies. Here are 7 great reasons to choose
Pinoy Pet Cuddle Cup:

  1. High Quality
    We've done extensive research and shopping around to make sure that all of our products are of the highest quality and pet safe as possible.
  2. Low Prices
    We aim to keep our prices as low as possible, while still sourcing the highest quality products.
  3. Great Customer Service
    We take tremendous pride in offering great customer service. Please feel free to email us anytime at info@pinoypetcuddlecup.com
  4. Rave Customer Reviews
    We have thousands of customers who have been tremendously satisfied by both our customer service and the quality of our products. Follow us on our social media pages! :)
  5. Selling on the Web Since 2009
    We have been selling high quality pet products over the web since 2009.
  6. Friendly Return Policy
    We understand that sometimes a product purchased online may not be exactly what you were looking for. To help our customers, we have a simple return policy.
  7. Secure, Easy Ordering
    Orders can be placed online using either a credit card or PayPal, bank deposit, or money wire transfer. All transactions are SSL-secured and guarantee your privacy.