Care Guide


Our products are totally machine washable on a normal spin and dryer-safe, but hanging to dry is always recommended. Please do not use bleach and fabric softener, as this will prevent the fleece from being able to wick at all.  Do not iron!

                Wash your pouches once or twice a week, to prevent bad smell or stained fur. All cage accessories should be checked before and after each use.

REMEMBER: Everything given to a glider should be checked daily. Supervision to any pets is the most important step to ensure the safety of your little buddies.


Safety Precautions:


Beforehand please make sure that you trimmed your gliders nails. Remember! It’s a GOLDEN RULE to trim their nails.

It is important not only to you, but as safety precaution to them as well, because sugar gliders are naturally have sharp nails to help them climb.


My sugar gliders nails grow fast and may need to be trimmed every one to two weeks or as needed to avoid accident or injury. If you aren’t comfortable trimming a sugar glider’s nails yourself, take your little buddies to an exotics veterinarian for help.



  1. Check your little buddies from time to time inside the pouch.
  2. For bonding pouch and travel bag, open the zipper carefully, so that your little buddies cannot escape.
  3. Check your pouches to make sure they haven’t tried to chew any loose thread or anything.
  4. If you found loose thread or anything, please remove your pet(s) immediately and repair your pouch.
  5. Bonding pouches are for travelling purpose or outdoor walk and not to be used in a cage.
  6. Please trim your sugar glider’s nails. If you let the nails get to long they can get snagged up in anything fabric in the cage and risk ripping their nails off, or even getting it stuck and losing a toe.
  7. If you can’t trim your sugar gliders nails, I would suggest a wooden or plastic nest box.


Think about it like this: You two-legged peeps wear holes in your socks after awhile, right? Well, same goes for our pouches.

Sugar gliders do lots of nestling inside their pouches. And after awhile, some holes can start happening from love bites, rough and tumble games, chewing gliders – and all the rest of crazy suggie antics!


The fabric is wearing out over time, especially if you wash them a lot, or use with gliders that like to chew. So depending on how many gliders stay inside the pouch, your pouches will have to be REPLACED EVERY YEAR or two.

It’s always a good time to go over safety tips for keeping toys and other glider accessories in good working order. Even the best made products will wear out in time and need to be replaced. It is critically important that you check out toys, sleeping pouches and other glider accessories for signs of wear and tear.

PPCC is not responsible for wear and tear.

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