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Sugar Glider Nail Kit

1 PC Fleece Pouch (Invisible Seams and No frays)
1 PC Slanted Nail Cutter (Stainless)
2 PCS Black Fleece Blankets (5'' x 5'')
2 PCS Mesh Pouch (Small and Large)

It’s a golden rule to trim our Suggie nails. It is important not only to you, but as safety precaution to them as well, because sugar gliders are naturally have sharp nails to help them climb. My sugar gliders nails grow fast and may need to be trimmed every one to two weeks or as needed to avoid accident or injury.

Disclaimer: Everyone has their own techniques that work for them and their gliders, you will have to find the best way for you and yours. There are lots of tutorial videos on Youtube on how to trim our suggies nails, but If you aren’t comfortable trimming a sugar glider’s nails yourself, take your little buddies to an exotics veterinarian for help.

For customized order please feel free to send us a message.

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