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Sugar Glider and Small Pets Strawberry Pouch

Sugar Glider and Small Pets Strawberry Pouch

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🍀 Approx. 9 inches tall x 8 inches wide
🍀 Good for 2-3 adult gliders.
🍀 Made of soft and quality fleece
🍀 hidden seams and small stitches
🍀 two non-rust grommets
🍀 machine washable and dryer safe.

If you want a bigger size of strawberry cage pouch just send me a message.

Our cage accessories are made of high quality fleece from inner and/or outer. Each item is handmade with love and care to ensure your pets safety. We use the smallest straight stitching, so that your little gliders don't get caught up in the thread. 100% free of any loose threads and no fray.

All items are totally machine washable and dryer safe, but hand wash and hanging to dry is always recommended.

Note: Items are from the Philippines. Shipping times may take up to four weeks or more depending on the efficiency of your local post service.
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